Poetry speed dating

Translators are also welcome to submit guiding questions for specific feedback.

Sign up by September 30th here. The University of Arizona Poetry Center is offering a guided tour of their library on Friday during lunch.

The Poetry Center possesses one of the finest, most extensive, and most fully accessible collections of contemporary poetry in the nation, most comprehensive in contemporary English-language poetry including translations from other languages from the last half of the twentieth century through the current day and maintains a strong representative collection of poetry from previous decades and centuries. After the tours, a light lunch will be provided.


Limited to 75 guests. Participants should meet Erica Mena at Skip to main content.

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Show as few as possible, but absolutely your best pieces. You will get the feedback you can use.

Character Speed Dating: Playing Pretend to Help Flesh Out Characters by Ellen Huang

Criticism can feel very harsh at first, but if you look at it as objectively as possible, it could be a valuable advice to you! Portfolio Speed Dating Challenge your ideas! How to prepare for your Portfolio Speed-date?