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I love my Hmong sisters even though I dated outside our ethnic group in the past. So, Im a hmong guy 21 and i agree with you on some aspects. I agree that lots of hmong guys are stuck to traditions, i never realized it until i got back home for leave from the army, i had no idea what anybody was doing anymore and most of my cousins male were either now married or expecting a kid. Im also the black sheep in the family due to my want to travel and me being attracted to other cultures.

Ive always wondered why i get so much crap for thay. Well, most of what she said is right.

Why Some Hmong Girls Do Not Date Hmong Boys

There are more to it than just this. Some even listen to their parents and agrees with their parents just to not get into trouble. Even though I live in a community of Hmong Minnesota , I still keep my distance. So no matter what wrong or right my parents had did to me, I know that somewhere in there they still love me.

Do Hmong guys like to date caucasian girls?

There was a fight and one guy shoot another, I thought about it and I was glad that I never went to that party. My boyfriend, some friends, and I took a trip to visit China and met a lot of hmong-chinese there. Plus, they are smart, tall, light skinned, and well mannered. A hand full of those young hmong men are either enrolled in yunnan university, ghuizhou university, or mingzu university affirmative action works over here for ethnic minorities in china Oh! There are a lot of hmong professionals men and women in wenshan and kaili city — many doctors, college instructors, etc etc.

The hmong guys in the chinese military and the hmong-chinese policemen are thr best looking ones! Let me rephrase that for you, a hmong man dont have to move out of his parents house in order to marrying youm because you aint that special, as a role of a hmong nyab, it is your job to marry the hmong man and cook and clean for his parent. There are many Hmong men who venture off their home and not with their parents anymore but sad to say some of them are taken. The more you stay under that rock in Ohio, the more you are missing out on interaction.

Did you run away from home, went to college, or just staying with friends partying all night and days? So how are you going to ever get to know his family by getting to know just him? What if that guy you really like turn out to be a total jerk or an out of control maniac, not all Hmong guy are like who they are at home compare to outside their Hmong community. Also moving away from the family that could bond both of you together is the worst idea ever.

Only those who rush through life thinking about sex, marriage, fun, and drama are those who end up with a pile of children to which they had to endure. There are also differences between those two Hmong men, the more educated Hmong men respect any women no matter if they are still single, divorce, widow, or separated. You would be better to seek those who had a set goal in life rather than ones who just want you for marriage purpose. And you rather leave that man alone then lending a helping hands. Like before with 4, breaking trust away from the family that is trying to bond both of you is the worst idea of this.

Not only will you break the happiness his family had for him but the happiness that could had happen if you are part of that family. I know that our Hmong ancestors were not the best husbands to their wives. But anyway, back on track, there are some really traditional Hmong guys out there but they will go out of their own ways to do what is right for the family they grew up in and the family that they make later in life.

Jeremy, you sound like a really wise guy. And thanks for sticking out for us Hmong guys out there. Jeremy — Hmong men are garbage, I agree. So far, my opinion about Hmong men is, they act like princesses and are totally retarded. They get offended for nothing, low self-esteem issues, so some of them can write a 7-paragraph essay with no point. Please reflect on your behavior and your pathetic mindset and try to grow into a decent human being.

I hate the fact that as a hmong woman i am seen as less of a person if i date anyone out of my ethnic group. Can i say that its full of bull shit that i have to sit around and listen to people redicule me off of whoever im dating.

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If a hmong guy cant live up to my standard I dont think i want to deal with him. Ive lost interest in hmong men over the past few years. Im sure there are some great hmong men out there that will make great fathers but hmong men are just not my cup tea anymore.

Alot of the ones i see potential in are either not into me or they are taken. Im dating a gorgeous spanish italian man right now and he is evreything i can ever ask for and we are very much in love. That fact applies to every interracial relationship in existence, not just Hmong. A person who married or have a relationship with another person outside their ethnic would always receive bad publicity within their own ethnic, this happens a lot with many white, black, Muslim, Hmong, Chinese, etc.


Still you and your partner no matter what race or ethnic both of you are should respect both side of your ethnic no matter how bad the publicity are from either side. There will be times when those same people who look you down will come back to you for assistance and perhaps even show honor to your new partner as well if both your good deeds win them over.

Thank you for replying. What is so upsetting is these people are the ones who will talk regardless of whether i date a hmong man or not. They will always find something to say. What is also very upsetting and insulting is those who have absolutely no say in who i should be dating meaning especially very traditional elders who are not even related to me nor any of my extended family.

As the well respected grown hmong men and women of the community that i come from, I would at least expect some decency from these people at least in terms of word choice. This makes me understand why some hmong men and women stray away from their community because of people like this. My partner and I are respectful of others opinions and are very aware of the publicity especially on my side.

Yes and it is so true, those who look down on you will come back for assistance. They insult you one day and ask for help another. Have a good one.

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Everyone makes their own life choices. Sometimes life chooses you and sometimes you make the decisions. And in so doing, they create conflict within themselves and others. Thank you for reading my article as is and not taking the assumption that I am bashing Hmong men. Of course, I knew this was inevitable because it is a sensitive topic to many Hmong men. If you hate hmong guys or hmong people then this is the article for you.

As for me I saw it differently. Just because you grew up in a mess up family or married into one doesnt mean all Hmong families out there are F up.

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For all I know the divorce rates for other races are freaken unbelievable. As a Hmong Man, I find it highly offensive, and it shows their ignorance and lack of understanding of our community. I believe that finding a partner, and love should not be bounded just to their community, and I also believe that one should not be enable by their community — stigmatizing Hmong Men in this manner does exactly that. Yes, some do it out of ignorance, but I believe most do it because they are aware of the responsibilities of being a Hmong wife and the dynamics of family life within a Hmong family; and that is not the kind of life they want to live.

These are all learned behaviors that can taught starting at a young age. What I see is a problem are women who are aware of these issues continuing to enable their sons to perpetuate this cycle. Before you judge us Hmong men too harshly, consider this: We live in a country that has always subjugated us through the media. In fact, the very idea of interracial marriage is most often depicted by a white male with an ethnic female.

We see this everywhere television, movies, stories, posters, etc. In contrast, minority men especially Asian men are usually depicted as geeky, ugly and un-heroic. Everywhere I hear people spout things like: Avoiding your own kind IS a form of racism. At least we Hmong men are willing to face these problems!

Compared to every other ethnic group in America including white people , Hmong people have the greaest success in the shortest amount of time. Not many groups can boast the same. It is a personal choice and whether or not you agree with it, they still have every right to do so. The Chinese have been here almost as long as Caucasians and they are still Chinese. They have integrated, but not assimilated into something other than Chinese.

By your regard, we should all just lay down and become white-washed simply because we live here. That they want more of a life than to become someone who has no voice, no opinion, no identity of her own? I love being Hmong. Your example of the Chinese, the Chinese also struggle with gender inequalities. Not as much as we do as Hmong women because they have been here longer. Comparing our history here to others is not comparable at all. Are we slowly getting there?

Interracial Dating

The role of a Hmong man has always been to provide and take care of his family. Our fathers did it. Their fathers did and so on. Here, in America, some may take care of their families, some may not. What does that make them? So, until you can solely say we are abandoning our culture when we chose to marry outside, I would stop to take a look at why it is happening. Maybe the problem is, our fellow Hmong brothers have not. We can be mothers, daughters, daughter in laws and wives but at the same time be strong, powerful, opinionated and educated.