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While the locality still houses one of the largest gay populations in the country, recent years have seen it lose some of that reputation and luster. This spacious club takes up two mammoth floors and comes complete with an ear-blasting sound system. The parties regularly go until 4 A. M, with the dance floor populated by a plethora of twinks and muscles alongside the occasional drag queen mixed in.

Melbourne was once a relatively quiet suburban community, but the last couple of decades have seen the city explode into a diverse, stylish metropolis offering a slightly more cultured scene than Sydney. Open Wednesdays to Sundays the club offers pool competitions and drag shows every week.

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The massive bar area is staffed by an array of the finest gay men around and the revolving theme nights mean you might run into a cowboy one week, and a leather clad Dom the next. The Sircuit bar truly is a top choice if you are searching for a gay bar in Melbourne. In fact it is home to a thriving gay community with nightclubs and hookup locations to rival any other city. The venue comes complete with lockers, sling rooms, showers and cruise mazes; with a wide range of outfits, toys and videos on offer. If the organic approach is more to your liking, then check out The Wickham , the most popular gay and lesbian bar in the Brisbane.

You would have thought that this meant the toilet was on the police radar and it would get raided, but in all the time I went there it never happened once.

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It was extremely busy during the day, men would cruise each other and peer into adjoining cubicles courtesy of whole bricks having been removed from the walls. Being a guy of 16 I had no trouble getting hookups, everyone wanted a 16 year-old. It was from one such hookup that I met a guy who then introduced me to a friend of his.

This was the first time I had met someone gay in a home environment, and I liked him, so I kept going back to visit him and stopped going to the beat after that.

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We started seeing each other regularly. Instead, there were several small circles of friends who would visit each other in their private homes. None of these circles really mixed though and not much was known about the people in them by the other circles. It was one of his younger friends who told me that he often went down to Melbourne to the nightclubs on weekends and did I want to go with him?

Escaping Bendigo and going to Melbourne on the weekends was the only way to experience any sort of nightlife. The Bendigo I remember was sexually charged with men cruising around, both gay and married but in the closet, doing the beat and picking each other up on the quiet.

But as far as bars, clubs, cafes or nightclubs, any place to meet in a normal way, there was absolutely nothing of the sort. It was a very homophobic place where if you even wore the wrong colour of jeans you would be abused from cars in the street.

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Your behaviour when cruising had to be very subtle. The state government of Victoria will deliver an official apology on May 24, Please check your inbox and click on the link in this email within the next 2 days to complete your subscription.

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Here's a look at some Gay Meetups happening near Melbourne.

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